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Pre-Calculus Courses

Take free online pre-calculus courses to build your skills and advance your career. Learn pre-calculus and other in-demand subjects with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

learn pre calculus

learn pre-calculus

What is Pre-Calculus?

Pre-calculus is a course designed to prepare students for future calculus courses by covering advanced mathematical concepts, functions and theories that may not be covered in algebra, geometry and other courses in a student’s mathematics curriculum. Pre-calculus will commonly focus on the properties of functions with the study of trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions. Students will learn about sequences, limits and other concepts essential to the study of calculus.

Online Pre-Calculus Courses and Programs

Get an introduction to pre-calculus with online courses from major universities and institutions. Edx offers free online courses to help you learn pre-calculus in an engaging and effective online learning environment complete with interactive video tutorials, quizzes and more.

Additionally, students can earn verified certificates in pre-calculus and other mathematics disciplines from edX and the university offering the course, proof for teachers, employers and others of successful completion of the coursework. Get started in pre-calculus with courses that expand on high school mathematics courses.

Arizona State University offers a college-level precalculus course that will introduce you to the fundamental functions and tools of calculus and build on your knowledge of algebra and geometry. This self-paced course covers the basics of linear, exponential, logarithmic, polynomial, rational and trigonometric functions and will prepare you for college-level calculus and other higher-level mathematics courses.

Explore these and other free online pre-calculus and mathematics courses. Many courses are self-paced so you can enroll and start learning today.