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What is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking skills help you think logically and get to the bottom of persistent problems. These skills help you avoid logic traps and make you a more independent thinker, capable of coming to intelligent conclusions. Critical thinking is a valuable 21st-century skill because it allows you to evaluate information that could be biased or misleading and see problems in a new light. A fundamental part of decision making lies in the ability to be a critical thinker. The internet has exposed everyone to a wealth of information, but not all that information is quality or correct. Your point of view could be easily skewed if you don't understand how to break down problems and find solutions. Knowing how to evaluate information can liberate your thinking.

Learn Critical Thinking

It's not enough to know information. You must understand how information can be used to sway your opinion and logical traps people often fall into when defining an opinion or belief. Rational analysis is a cornerstone of 21st-century living and could be the difference between being swayed by a crowd and developing a stable thought process that can help you eliminate cognitive biases and prejudice. Critical thinking is also a cornerstone of innovation. If you're unable to see a problem in a new light, you may miss opportunities for creative solutions. The critical thinking process can help you break down what you think you know and examine the problem from a new perspective. Critical thinking is also important in leadership roles where you'll have to digest complex information and make decisions based on data and other factors.

Critical Thinking Courses and Certifications

edX offers a variety of courses designed to help you develop critical thinking skills. Online courses are developed in partnership with leading institutions designed to introduce you to the subject matter in a comprehensive way. The Rochester Institute of Technology offers an overview of critical thinking skills designed to teach you the fundamentals. The University of Queensland offers two courses in critical thinking, one designed to help you understand the underlying philosophy of the critical thinking process and another that applies it towards leadership. Professional certifications are also available from Fullbridge as part of a four-part career development series.

How Critical Thinking Impacts Your Career

Building critical thinking skills offers you the chance to develop leadership, higher order thinking skills, and problem-solving. It enhances not only your career but also your everyday life. While other people may have their points of view changed by faulty arguments, you'll be able to form opinions through critical thinking abilities. It can take years to develop a sense of thinking critically, but with the right background and training, you can elevate your decision making to form rational, logical opinions and lead the way to a better civil society. Take advantage of the knowledge curated by edX and its partners and find out the definition of critical thinking within a broader context.