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Learn critical thinking skills

The critical thinking process can help you re-examine what you think you know and approach a problem from a new perspective. Learn critical thinking skills with online courses delivered through edX.

What is critical thinking?

Critical thinking is the objective analysis of information to form a judgment. Some of the skills included in critical thinking include interpretation, inference, self-regulation, and problem-solving. These skills can help thinkers avoid logic traps. Critical thinking is a valuable skill because it allows individuals to evaluate information that could be biased or misleading and see problems in a new light. 

A fundamental part of decision-making lies in the ability to be a critical thinker. For example, the internet offers users a wealth of information, but not all of that information is high quality or true. A person’s point of view can be easily skewed without an understanding of how to thoughtfully assess veracity and bias. Who is presenting the information? Why might they be presenting this information with this frame? Are there contradictory opinions or facts on this subject? By learning critical thinking skills and learning to ask the right questions, individuals can make better judgments about the information that is presented before them in any format, which enables them to make more informed decisions about what to do with that information.

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Critical thinking course curriculum

edX offers many courses to help learners develop critical thinking skills. For example, a short course on the fundamentals of critical thinking may teach strategic analysis and problem-solving. Others could be more focused on specific applications, such as critical thinking for leaders or entrepreneurs. Explore all of the educational opportunities available for learners at every level. 

Careers that use critical thinking

Building critical thinking skills offers learners the chance to develop their leadership skills, higher order thinking skills, and problem-solving skills. The ability to think critically can be beneficial to both your personal and professional life, whether you are making decisions in a boardroom, a classroom or an emergency room. With the right background and training, individuals can elevate their decision-making to form rational, logical opinions and lead the way to a better civil society. Take advantage of the knowledge curated by edX and its partners, and explore how online critical thinking courses can help you achieve your goals.

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