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Physics is how we came to understand gravity and black hole formation. It enables scientists to make discoveries in climate change, physical cosmology, and more. Explore fundamental physics formulas and applications of physics with online courses from edX.

What is physics?

Physics is a branch of science focused on the study of matter, energy, and motion. Physics encompasses topics such as the makeup of the universe, mechanics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, optics, radiation, acoustics, and much more. Subfields of physics include nuclear physics, biophysics, astrophysics, and chemical physics. Physicists and other scientists use physics to test hypotheses and solve problems.

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Physics course curriculum

An online course in physics may start with lessons in statistics, calculus, and mathematical methods for scientists before delving into more complex niches. Individuals interested in learning about the everyday uses of physics can take a self-paced course in applied physics. Theoretical physics courses on the other hand are research-driven and best suited for those planning to pursue careers in scientific research. Other topics covered in a physics curriculum are plasma physics, quantum physics, computing, and more.

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Jobs in physics

Learning physics can prepare individuals for a wide range of jobs including becoming physicists, aeronautical engineers, astronomers, senior researchers, nuclear medicine technologists, energy specialists, and meteorologists. Discover how physics courses offered through edX can provide you with the knowledge to expand your professional horizons. Get started learning today.

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