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Social Justice Courses

Take online social justice courses. Learn social justice online from top schools and institutions on edX!

What is social justice?

Social justice looks at the distribution of wealth, resources, opportunities, and privileges to determine the most just path. Social justice considers human rights and seeks equitable distribution and access to healthcare, economic opportunities, and other social benefits.

In some cultures, social justice considers the place of the individual within the larger society. In others, a focus on breaking barriers to equal rights drives inquiries into concepts like voter rights, social development, social class, and social policies.

Social justice seeks equal opportunities regardless of social class, gender, race, and cultural background. It seeks equity for those with disabilities, children, the elderly, and the currently and formerly incarcerated. Social justice movements often focus on one specific issue or group, and the possibilities for encouraging change are endless.

Social justice believes that we can create a more fair society by examining the underlying barriers and privileges present in today's institutions and societies. Those seeking social justice provide advocacy and pursue justice through a variety of paths.

Learn about social justice

edX offers courses and certificates designed in partnership with respected institutions from around the world. Students explore topics with other like-minded peers for free and can study on their own time. In addition to social justice, participants can learn about many different topics.

The platform also offers official credit. Once students pay the fee, they receive lifetime access to the course material and a certificate once they satisfy all course requirements. edX offers single courses, certificates, and even full degrees.

Social justice courses and certificates

edX offers courses in many different social justice-related topics. Learners can take Gender and Sexuality: Applications in Society from UBCx or Intercultural Competency in Education from UIcelandX. Courses like these offer fundamental background information required to understand complex topics in social justice.

Writing for Social Justice offers students the opportunity to train in persuasive writing. The course outlines where to publish work and how, making an impact through research-driven writing, and identifying the most efficient writing to combat social injustice.

The University of Toronto offers a course for teachers, Teaching for Critical Action: Empowering Students in Challenging Times. The course introduces teachers to critical pedagogical concepts of social justice and how to introduce social justice issues like climate change, civil rights, economic justice, or public health in a direct action framework.

Build social justice awareness with edX

Students can explore topics meaningful to them through the edX platform. Whether it's income inequality, voting rights, environmental justice, or another issue, participants can find tools to make a difference. With edX and partners, learners can connect, learn, and collaborate to make a better world for all human beings.