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Creativity Courses

Learn creativity through online courses from top institutions. Learn creative thinking, design, innovation and more.

learn creativity

learn creativity

Why is Creativity Important?

Humans make advancements through new ideas and creative thinking. Problem-solving wouldn't be possible without these creative ideas. A creative ability puts people ahead in their career, builds resilience, and helps ensure that everyday life runs smoothly. Creativity is an essential part of what employers look for and is an important tool for mental health. Creativity helps us make new connections and provides a path to greater resilience for everyday life and for tackling some of humanity's most pressing issues. Now that we're on the cusp of machine integration in every aspect of our lives, we need creative expression more than ever. Machines are great at handling loads of information and processing large patterns we don't see, but they still need our creative input. And it was creativity in the first place that got us here.

Learn about Creativity

Creative thinkers see new possibilities in just about everything. The flow and the psychology of discovery has long been an area of interest, and creative insight drives innovation. Employers look for creative thought when hiring and inventiveness is a soft skill typically requested. The good news is that creativity can be developed. Courses helping you harness your natural creativity could help you jumpstart a career and become better adjusted in your life as well. Take advantage of the latest understanding of creativity with courses and certifications designed to get you started.

Creativity Courses and Certifications

Unleash your creativity with and leaders in the field. Begin with the basics by taking part in the Creative College of London's Creative Thinking Techniques and Tools course. You'll learn how to foster your creative process and use innovative ideas to your advantage. From there, you can apply your creative work to various fields such as Entrepreneurship (Berklee), Design Thinking (the University of Queensland), and Coding (NYU). You can also apply that creative ability to areas in Music (Adelaide) and writing (University of British Columbia.)

Improve Your Thinking with Creativity

Divergent thinking is a vital part of the innovation process, so if you're looking to jumpstart a career, improving your skills here could be worth doing. Creative individuals are in high demand across a variety of fields, and creative people could help us solve some of our most pressing issues. Creativity and innovation can be learned, so building a creative personality is a vital pursuit. Use the courses hosted by to open new possibilities and change your definition of creativity. You aren't just born with a creative personality. You can hone skills to build your creative potential, and through hard work, you could find yourself creating ideas with the geniuses that came before you.