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Abnormal Psychology Courses

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learn abnormal psychology

learn abnormal psychology

What is Abnormal Psychology?

Abnormal psychology is the study of unusual or abnormal behavior, thoughts, patterns, and emotions. These behaviors may or may not indicate a mental disorder or the beginning of a mental illness.

The field seeks to define what abnormal actually is, as well as research what actions to take. It studies them from a clinical standpoint and looks at case studies to understand their prevalence. Clinical psychologists also try to understand the dualism between psychological and biological approaches and keep the DSM updated with new information, research, and best practices.

Learn about abnormal psychology

Whether you're interested from a theoretical perspective or want to explore a career in abnormal psychology, courses from can help build critical skills and knowledge. Courses are created in partnership with leading thinkers and institutions in the field of psychology and human behavior, and students study with a global cohort. 

Courses happen on a student's schedule, and the majority of courses are free for students to take for personal reasons. Students can opt into official credit or certification, or apply for official degree status for a fee.

Abnormal Psychology Courses and Certifications

DoaneX offers an introductory course, Abnormal Psychology, detailing the guidelines for evaluating abnormal or maladaptive behavior among the diversity of normal human behavior. Students will conceptualize treatments and apply the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) criteria to evaluate and diagnose different disorders. Students learn in the context of cultural and historical diversity as well.

The University of Queensland offers a course introducing Clinical Psychology, where students study disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder, mood disorders such as depression or bipolar disorder, panic disorders, and personality disorders such as schizophrenia. Students will also learn general theories of personality and intelligence. 

For foundational knowledge, DoaneX offers the course Fundamentals of Psychology. Students study mental health principles, well-being, and psychological disorders. The course introduces the study of human behavior and cognition from the scientific perspective and will understand how psychology fits into the range of health care initiatives offered to society. 

Explore Abnormal Psychology

The concept of abnormality in human psychology has changed over the years. Groups like the American Psychological Association (APA), the American Psychiatric Association, and the World Health Organization seek to understand the underlying causes of what we consider abnormal. As we uncover more answers for psychiatric disorders, we can offer better services to those with mental illness.

If we look at changes in our understanding of developmental disorders such as autism, we know that we still have far to go in our understanding of the mind. You could lend your expertise to new guidance for psychotherapy as a mental health professional or simply learn more about impairments you or someone you know has. edX offers a unique path to learning that meets students where they are, opening doors and launching careers.