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Start your journey into the cloud

Professional Certificate in
Introduction to Kubernetes and Cloud Native Technologies

What you will learn

  • Develop a good working knowledge of Linux using both the graphical interface and the command line.
  • Get a primer on cloud computing and the use of open source software to maximize development and operations.
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of today’s top open source cloud technology options.
  • Set up and access a Kubernetes cluster using Minikube.
  • Learn ways to run applications on the deployed Kubernetes environment and access the deployed applications.

New to the cloud and not sure where to begin? Do you need guidelines on how to start transforming your organization with Kubernetes and cloud native patterns?

The Introduction to Kubernetes and Cloud Native Technologies Professional Certificate program includes training courses designed for students, as well as existing and aspiring developers, administrators, architects and managers who are new to the world of cloud native technologies and Kubernetes.

Start your cloud journey by exploring the various tools and techniques commonly used by Linux system administrators and end users to achieve their day-to-day work in a Linux environment - most cloud native technologies and cloud providers run on top of Linux. Continue with an overview of common cloud technologies, an introduction to Iaas, PaaS, CaaS, and learn about basic operations with containers and images, software-defined networking and software-defined storage solutions, the skill sets needed to deliver next generation cloud, and the challenges of cloud technologies. Last but not least, learn about the origin, architecture, primary components, and building blocks of Kubernetes, getting hands-on experience with Minikube.

Upon completion of the Professional Certificate, learners will be prepared to move into further training and pursue the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate (KCNA) certification from the Linux Foundation which was jointly created with CNCF.

The 10th Annual Open Source Jobs Report from the Linux Foundation and edX found that cloud technology skills are in higher demand than any other area of technology, and this is only expected to continue as 77% of organizations reported they are increasing their use of cloud.

A program subscription gives you full verified access to all courses and materials within the program you’ve enrolled in, for as long as your subscription is active. Monthly subscription pricing can help you manage your enrollment costs — instead of paying more up front, you pay a smaller amount per month for only as long as you need access. You can cancel your subscription at any time for no additional fee.

Expert instruction
3 skill-building courses
Progress at your own speed
11 months
3 - 5 hours per week
After 7-day free trial

Courses in this program

  1. LinuxFoundationX's Introduction to Kubernetes and Cloud Native Technologies Professional Certificate

  2. 5–7 hours per week, for 14 weeks

    Never learned Linux? Want a refresh? Develop a good working knowledge of Linux using both the graphical interface and command line across the major Linux distribution families.

  3. 3–4 hours per week, for 14 weeks

    Learn the fundamentals of building and managing cloud technologies directly from The Linux Foundation, the leader in open source.

  4. 2–3 hours per week, for 14 weeks

    Want to learn Kubernetes? Get an in-depth primer on this powerful system for managing containerized applications.

    • 93% of hiring managers are unable to find enough talent with open source skills, and cloud skills are the most sought after.
    • 77% of employers are increasing their use of cloud, meaning demand for talent will only continue to grow.
    • 58% of companies are increasing salaries for staff with open source technology skills more than staff in other areas of the business due to difficulties recruiting and retaining talent.
    • 69% of employers prefer to hire open source and cloud professionals who have industry certifications.

Meet your instructors
from The Linux Foundation (LinuxFoundationX)

Jerry Cooperstein
Director of Training
The Linux Foundation
Chris Pokorni
NQB8 Cloud Tech Consulting
Chip Childers
Chief Architect

Experts from LinuxFoundationX committed to teaching online learning

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  • Course videos, lectures, and readings
  • Practice problems and assessments
  • Graded assignments and exams
  • edX learner support
  • Shareable verified certificates after successfully completing a course or program
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