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Gain skills in financial accounting, managerial accounting, and tax

MicroMasters® Program in

What you will learn

  • What information do firms measure and report in a wide array of transactions, events, and arrangements in balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flows?
  • What are key elements of financial reporting, such as revenues, expenses, gains and losses, net income, assets, liabilities, and owners’ equity?
  • How do firms develop and use key internal information such as product costs, cost allocations, customer profitability, budgets, and planning to execute and control firm strategy?
  • How do income taxes impact firms? How do firms measure and report taxable income and taxes payable? And how do firms strategically plan for and manage the impact of taxes on profitability?
  • Accounting standards, including U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (U.S. GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Accountants with deep financial expertise, business acumen, real-world experience, decision-making ability, and effective communication skills are vital to businesses of all sizes and have tremendous career opportunities. This MicroMasters® program in Accounting is designed for smart, hardworking students with integrity and passion who want to substantially enhance their understanding of accounting. The program curriculum includes courses in the three most fundamental areas of accounting: financial accounting, managerial accounting, and income taxes. Learn from world-renowned, award-winning accounting faculty at the top-ranked Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. The MicroMasters program will introduce you to the following key areas in the accounting profession:

  • Financial Reporting I – How do firms measure and report financial position and financial performance in a set of financial statements?
  • Managerial Accounting and Corporate Control – How do firms make critical strategic decisions using accounting information?
  • Taxes and Decision Making – How do income taxes impact firms, their strategies, capital structure, and after-tax profits?

The three graduate-level courses in the MicroMasters program represent 30% of the coursework in the online Master of Science in Accounting from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University offered on the edX platform.

The online Master of Science in Accounting program is designed for individuals who want to transition to an accounting career and for individuals who want to deepen their understanding of accounting’s role in investing, banking, and corporate management. The Kelley School of Business is currently ranked #7 for graduate accounting programs by Public Accounting Report.

Completing this MicroMasters program in accounting can strengthen your application to the online Master of Science in Accounting program, as well as advance your career.

Expert instruction
3 graduate-level courses
Assignments and exams have specific due dates
9 months
8 - 12 hours per week
Discounted price: $1,347.30
Pre-discounted price: $1,497USD
For the full program experience

Courses in this program

  1. IUx's Accounting MicroMasters® Program

  2. Started Nov 16, 2021
    8–12 hours per week, for 12 weeks

    Earn a strong foundation in financial reporting concepts and methods, and use your skills to prepare and analyze financial statements.

  3. Starts Feb 21, 2022
    8–12 hours per week, for 12 weeks

    How do managers use internal accounting data to make decisions? In this course, you’ll discover how to prepare and analyze accounting information to make complex business decisions.

  4. Starts Feb 21, 2022
    8–12 hours per week, for 12 weeks

    How do you reduce a company or individual's taxes while complying with tax laws? Designed for accounting students, this course focuses on understanding the legal, conceptual, and integrative aspects of U.S. federal income taxation.

  5. What is a MicroMasters Program?
    MicroMasters programs are a series of graduate level courses from top universities designed to advance your career. MicroMasters program certificates showcase deep learning and in-demand skills to employers and can help you get started on a path toward completing an advanced degree.

    How to Earn a MicroMasters Program Certificate
    To earn the program certificate, learners must complete and successfully earn a verified certificate in all three courses in this program.

    From Program Certificate to a Master’s Degree
    MicroMasters programs are designed to offer learners a pathway to an advanced degree and can count as credit toward completing a Master’s degree program. Learners who successfully earn this MicroMasters program certificate may apply for admission to several Master’s programs, and if accepted, the MicroMasters program certificate will count towards the degree.

    Learners can combine a MicroMasters program certificate with online coursework from IU to earn a Master of Science in Accounting degree from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

    Students who successfully earn the MicroMasters program certificate are eligible to apply to the MS in Accounting with no need to take the GMAT or GRE test. Students will earn nine credits to apply to the 30-credit Master’s degree.

    • The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates steady job growth in the accounting profession in the next 10 years.
    • Corporate, nonprofit, government, and professional services organizations will continue to need high-capability and hardworking accounting professionals.
    • Professionals in the following functions – among others – may benefit in particular from this program: accounts receivable, accounting records management, treasury management, accounting, and corporate controller.
    • Learners may be able to enhance their capabilities in a variety of roles, including certified public accounant (CPA), accounting manager, auditor, or management accountant.

Meet your instructors
from Indiana University (IUx)

Ken Merkley
Associate Professor of Accounting
Indiana University
Brian P. Miller
Associate Professor of Accounting
Indiana University
Greg Geisler
Clinical Professor of Accounting
Indiana University

Experts from IUx committed to teaching online learning

Program endorsements

I have consistently been impressed with the Kelley School of Business and the quality and caliber of its programs, faculty, and graduating students in Accounting. I am pleased that Kelley is offering this new Micro Masters in Accounting and its associated online M.S. in Accounting.

Gregory Chester , Managing Partner, Indianapolis Office, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)

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Discounted price: $1,347.30
Pre-discounted price: $1,497USD
3 courses in 9 months
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