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MicroBachelors® Program in
Elements of Data Science

What you will learn

  • The basic objects of linear algebra – how to compute with them, how they fit together theoretically, and how they can be used to solve real problems
  • Data models and systems for processing signals, images, and big data sets
  • Practical implementation of signal processing and machine learning algorithms on data from the real world
  • Ability to navigate the data science process as an expert instead of relying on trial and error with black box methods

Across industries, data science is becoming an ever-increasing necessity for organizations to be successful. Collecting, analyzing and strategically acting on big data sets based on key signals is critical, and data scientists are the ones leading the way and informing decision makers.

This online Intermediate-level program is designed for working adults looking to pursue a career as a data scientist and roles focused on machine learning. Whether you already work with data in your current role or are interested in the larger field of computer science, this program is designed to build a solid foundation in underlying algorithms and principles of the tools used. This Foundational Data Science MicroBachelors program consists of two courses that develop key mathematical skills and explores terminology, models, and algorithms found in signal processing and machine learning.

With the successful completion of this program, passing all courses with a 70% or better via the verified (paid) track, you’ll not only receive a certificate highlighting your achievement, but also have the option to collect real college credit (included in the price!) that you can count towards a pursuit of a bachelor’s degree.

Prerequisite - In addition to the math skills developed in the Linear Algebra course, calculus (which is not a part of this program) is required.

If you are enrolled in the verified track (paid track) in any course that is a part of a MicroBachelors program, including this course, you are eligible for coaching at no additional cost. Please note that coaching is only available via SMS to U.S. phone lines.

Our coaches (real humans) are ready to help you with career exploration, navigating resources, staying motivated, and solving problems along the way to your goals.

Learn more about the value of coaching directly from one of our coaches, Erin.

Expert instruction
3 high-quality courses
Progress at your own speed
6 months
6 - 8 hours per week
For the full program experience

Courses in this program

  1. RICEx's Elements of Data Science MicroBachelors® Program

  2. 6–8 hours per week, for 8 weeks

    This course is an introduction to linear algebra. You will discover the basic objects of linear algebra – how to compute with them, how they fit together theoretically, and how they can be used to solve real problems.

  3. 6–8 hours per week, for 8 weeks

    Enter the world of signal processing: analyze and extract meaning from the signals around us!

  4. 6–8 hours per week, for 8 weeks

    Learn the mathematical backbone of data science. Signals, systems, and transforms: from their theoretical mathematical foundations, to practical implementation in circuits and computer algorithms, to machine learning algorithms that convert signals into inferences.

  5. Program Certificate Requirement
    In order to be eligible for credit and a program certificate, you must purchase, complete and pass with a 70% grade or higher in all Elements of Data Science program courses.

    Credit Election
    edX has partnered with Thomas Edison State University, a public university in New Jersey that specializes in adult education, to provide academic credit for MicroBachelors programs at no additional cost.

    Please note, academic credit for this program is not provided by Rice University. This program is currently under credit review by Thomas Edison State University.

    Check back here for an update on the credit review status for the Elements of Data Science program. Learn more about credit.

    • Data Science is one of the fastest growing job areas in the US with jobs projected to grow 19% over the next 10 years. (Source: Burning Glass)
    • The average salary for an Entry Level Data Scientist is about $100,000. (Source: Burning Glass)
    • Skills in Data Science are needed to pursue careers as a Data Analyst, Quality Assurance Engineer and other data-driven entry-level roles.

Meet your instructors
from Rice University (RICEx)

Richard G. Baraniuk
Victor E. Cameron Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Rice University
Stephen Wang
Associate Teaching Professor
Rice University

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