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Waste Management Courses

Learn about waste management with online courses and lessons!

learn waste management

learn waste management

What is waste management?

Waste management, sometimes called waste disposal, is the process of handling waste from the moment someone creates it to its final destination. We produce a variety of waste materials from households to corporate waste, and disposal services must manage different types of waste safely and effectively.

From medical waste to municipal solid waste (MSW) to the waste in your dumpster, waste collection is a skill. As more cities expand recycling services, composting, and zero waste initiatives, waste management is getting a 21st-century makeover.

As management facilities grapple with the possibilities of larger urban areas and plastic waste becomes more of an issue, it's more important than ever to understand how our waste goes from its original location to its final disposal place. Part of this discipline is waste reduction, and some include special waste from new products and processes.

Learn about waste management

You can study waste disposal and management from a curiosity standpoint or as a precursor to a career with courses from They're designed in partnership with leaders in the field and available on your schedule. 

Satisfy your curiosity with students from around the world or enroll in certificate programs to provide professional development and career opportunities. The possibilities are open to you.

Waste management courses and certificates

World Bank Group's open learning campus offers a course on the foundations of Solid Waste Management. You'll learn what goes into collecting, disposing, and maintaining waste from a global perspective. 

You can also take courses on a variety of niche subjects within waste management, including Delft's Circular Economy for a Sustainable Built Environment and another from Delft plus Wageningen, Co-Creating Sustainable Cities. These courses help us understand the changing nature of waste management from an environmental and sustainable context.

Innovation in waste management

As populations grow and we grapple with things like hazardous waste from our past activities, it's more important than ever to build new waste management solutions. Curbside collection is expanding, waste-to-energy initiatives are growing, and you can be at the forefront of innovation to handle our waste sustainably.

edX is ready to hand you the keys to a new field of expertise with these courses, and you could find yourself managing recycling centers or yard waste collection to massive operations to fight for our environment. Sustainability is the new initiative, and your knowledge can help make humanity safer and our environment a little cleaner.