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Transportation Courses

Learn about transportation with online courses today!

Why study transportation?

The transportation system is a modern benefit and a modern challenge. Managing travelers, commuters, road conditions, and highway safety requires dedicated government departments and input from experts in the field. The Department of Transportation--no matter which county, state, or country it manages--requires experts from a wide variety of disciplines.

As modes of transportation expand and transportation projects become more complex, transportation infrastructure has become an area ripe for innovation. Learning about transportation provides students with interesting careers and fills a need in the USDOT and its smaller subsidiaries.

Learn about transportation with edX

The edX platform offers a unique opportunity to study with some of the most respected institutions around the globe. Students can study from anywhere in the world with like-minded peers and train with mentors in their field. edX encourages lifelong learning by offering many courses for free for personal development.

Learners may also choose accredited tracks for a fee, receiving official credit for courses to send to employers, or apply to future educational pursuits. The platform has single courses and certificates available, as well as micro-degrees. The site also offers full degrees from official universities, allowing students to complete their education from home.

Transportation courses and certificates

EPFL offers an introduction to transportation concepts with its course Intro to Traffic Flow Modeling and Intelligent Transport Systems. PennX also offers an introductory course, Urban Transit for Livable Cities, that provide training for innovative transport systems. These courses introduce concepts for better public transit systems and road safety. 

Delftx offers a four-course professional series on Electric Cars designed to introduce this niche topic to students interested in the future of transportation. The series introduces what motorists can expect from the technology, business applications, and policy considerations for moving vehicles to an all-electric future.

PurdueX offers a master's degree in Civil Engineering. This degree provides foundational skills students will need to take on traffic initiatives for the state and federal government, create logical transportation plans, and manage infrastructure rebuilding and maintenance. It can also underscore the importance of vibrant public transportation to improve the quality of life of citizens and protect the environment.

Building a career in the transportation sector

Learners on the edX platform can learn about the transportation sector from the supply chain to management. Participants can leverage their knowledge and expertise for business enterprises, work in statewide or federal government positions, or simply learn to appreciate a road or a highway.

Transportation commissions need talent and training. Students can use these courses to find positions that make a difference in the overall condition of transportation and build a transportation infrastructure fit for current and future generations.