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Supply Chain Design Courses

Learn supply chain design with online courses and programs on edX!

learn supply chain design

learn supply chain design

What is Supply Chain Design?

Supply chain management is a vital part of a company's efficiency. A reliable supply chain strategy prevents downtime and helps to forecast future success. There is a whole department dedicated to this type of network design, and decision-making here carries far-reaching consequences. These days, successful supply chain design must consider sustainability to be successful. As we consider how raw materials and the product lifecycle affect areas like the environment, population growth, and the future of a company, we must consider how components of supply chain network design work together to produce sustainability. There are six basic types of supply chain design:​Fast Model Continuous flow model Agile model Custom Configured model Efficient model Flexible model Using one of these six basic supply chain processes allows a company to balance its unique proposition with company and customer needs for a supply chain model that works.

Learn about Supply Chain Design has courses designed with leaders and innovators in the field, designed to introduce you to the foundational knowledge of supply chain planning. You'll learn to build a supply chain model, manage supply chain disruptions, and monitor your offering from the first iteration to the finished product. You can take courses from anywhere in the world and learn from leading institutions on your own schedule. Many are eligible for official credit and could be just the start that your career needs.

Supply Chain Design Courses and Programs

edX has quite a few courses for Supply Chain Design, including one from MIT. You'll learn how to turn supply chain into a competitive advantage. It's part of MIT's micro-masters program, Supply Chain Management. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of all the components of the entire supply chain. ASU offers a full degree in Supply Chain Management as well, giving students the chance to study the process from the inside out. You'll examine case studies, build skills, and work through various stages of operations management. Wageningen and Delft also offer courses on sustainable development, designed to introduce the principles of sustainability into supply chain performance and the design process.

Build a Career in Supply Chain Design

As companies create new products, supply chain management must be part of the company's strategy. Good supply chains have flexibility built-in for black swan events like COVID-19 or natural disasters, and companies must consider sustainable development in the process. edX offers courses that can ignite your career path through quality instruction and the chance to learn from leaders in the field. Find your spark through one of our courses or programs and help make a difference in the world.