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Robotic Process Automation Courses

Learn about Robotic Process Automation with online courses on edX!
learn robotic process automation

learn robotic process automation

What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA is a relatively new idea in the business world. Human employees waste a lot of time performing mundane, tedious tasks during the workday, but what if businesses could automate those tasks to free up humans for higher-order ones? While we won't have physical robots interacting with business applications, software robots can help automate business processes that humans don't like and aren’t good at doing. Typically, a developer writes a series of coded actions for automation, but with RPA, artificial intelligence watches a human user interact with a program and learns directly from the source. This time of digital transformation could provide better insight into using applications and more efficient automation. These automation tools are still very new, but they could be the future of business process automation. RPA software use cases have shown some promise, and it could be time to explore what this emerging field could do for your career.

Learn about Robotic Process Automation

Automation technology is providing paths for businesses to remove human error in high volume, mundane tasks so that humans can do what humans do best. RPA isn't intended to replace human labor, but instead, could help raise morale and provide a better, more fulfilling job description for human workers. Learn about how this process works with courses and certifications designed to provide the fundamentals of machine learning and artificial intelligence. You could find yourself at the forefront of an emerging and exciting career.

Robotic Process Automation Courses and Certifications offers courses designed to provide you with the programming fundamentals to build your RPA for your organization. Leaders in the field of programming, machine learning, and artificial intelligence guide you as you learn the skills needed to work in the field. Indiana University offers a micro master's in information systems that can give you an overview of everything you need to know to build frameworks and pipelines for business use. Other courses include Columbia's course on Artificial Intelligence (which also transitions to a micro master's), or Microsoft's professional certification in AI. Whether it's programming languages, machine learning, natural language processing, or any number of other disciplines that contribute to intelligent automation, edX and partners have the resources available to get you up to speed.

Explore Career Options in RPA

RPA technology can provide a path for businesses to automate human actions intuitively and use digital business solutions to drive day to day processes. Automation software can be time-consuming to produce, but a new way to train machines streamline business processes could help. RPA solutions give automation solutions to businesses that want to remove human error from time-consuming tasks like manual data entry. The digital workforce is coming, and you could be at the forefront of its creation.