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What is Quality Control?

Quality control ensures that products and services are offered with the same quality assurance each and every time. Customers won't order a product and have seemingly random experiences with the make and build of the product and services offer the same experience each time. Quality management systems help organizations maintain proper business values and quality products. Those quality standards offer assurance that anything a customer buys is the highest quality possible. Quality assurance is built into standard operating procedures. Quality control standards ensure that operations run smoothly, and the production line is both optimized and efficient. Manufactured products that don't hit those SAPs will need corrective action to operate at their best.

Learn about Quality Control

Learning the principles of quality control can help you direct business operations. The definition of quality will depend on individual business operations and directives and can determine what standard operations look like. Part of controlling quality will be defining these checkpoints. offers courses and certifications in quality control designed in partnership with leading thinkers in the field of quality operations. You can take courses from the comfort of your own home and don't have to interrupt your schedule to complete them.

Quality Control Courses and Certifications

TUMx offers a course on mastering Six Sigma for quality control and process control. You'll learn the fundamental process to analyze, plan, and control your production line with a standardized project management philosophy. You can take both courses and a micro-master series from MIT over the Principle of Manufacturing. You'll learn how manufacturing operations from the beginning of the supply chain to the finished product. You'll understand the place of product quality control within the entire pipeline. If you're in the software field, you have specific courses designed to help you understand quality control within software production. USM and USB both offer courses in software development that include quality control within the software space.

Build a Career in Quality Control

Quality control ensures that customers stay loyal and can help a business stay prosperous. It's an essential part of the production cycle, so earning how to apply principles for quality throughout the manufacturing process can make you an asset to a company or organization. Whether you have a quality control team or it all comes down to you, the right skills can help you improve and manage your company's production cycle. and partners provide the foundations for you to succeed, and all you need is an eye for quality.