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PowerShell Courses

Take online courses in PowerShell to improve your skills in automation on edX today!

What Is PowerShell?

PowerShell is a framework from Microsoft that automates tasks through a command line shell and a scripting language. It was introduced as a Windows component (Windows PowerShell) but soon moved cross-platform and open source through PowerShell Core. It's available on Github and runs on .Net Core Tasks use PowerShell cmdlets (commandlets), which are .Net classes to automate administrative tasks. It's object-oriented and uses PowerShell commands to perform a single action and return a .Net object. It works with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux/Unix though it's been an integral part of Windows since Windows 7 (with Windows 10 shipping a testing framework).

Learn PowerShell

PowerShell is an interface that allows you to automate tedious tasks. You can set a time-consuming task to run in the background or work with Active Directory. Cmdlets are found through "get command," and information is displayed with "get help." Learning PowerShell scripts allow administrators to reduce times spent on tedious tasks network tasks. You can execute network updates from a single line of code, for instance, or provide access to a file system. Anything you can do with a GUI, you can do faster with a command line in PowerShell. It works on top of a net framework with a scripting environment that's easy to master once you've got the basics of the get-process. The PowerShell Community has the backing of Microsoft, and nearly every Windows system uses it as an integral component. PowerShell 5.0 was released in 2016 with 5.1 following closely behind, and it comes with new features such as parameters for get childItem and new script properties for FileInfo objects.

PowerShell Courses and Certificates

Windows offers classes on this integral Windows operating system in partnership with You can learn the basics of PowerShell, including basic commands and PowerShell help. It gives you an overview of file system providers and how to discover object members. Microsoft offers PowerShell Security Best Practices as part of their Professional Program in Cybersecurity or as a standalone class. You can learn how to debug scripts to patch security holes, how to enhance server management with Just Enough administration and Desired State Configuration.

Explore A Career Using Powershell

PowerShell takes the place of a shell language, tools, and general purpose scripting language to give you the freedom to execute commands and automate processes. If you're part of a larger company using Windows, this knowledge is particularly critical. The automation of tasks using PowerShell cmdlets like WMIobjects and DSC resources save you time and smooths operations. It's a requirement if your organization functions in Windows.