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Opioid Crisis Courses

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What is the Opioid Crisis?

The opioid epidemic is a public health crisis stemming from a concerning amount of opioid overdoses. It stems from a trend of overprescribing opioids in healthcare as well as an uptick in illegal use. The trend of over-prescribing opioids began in the 1990s as more healthcare providers began using the class of pain killers to handle a variety of pain management. These opioid prescriptions started the trend of both legal and illicit use, leading to more cases of additions and substance abuse disorders. The U.S. government has declared a public health emergency and cited a handful of pharmaceutical companies for what it calls negligence in the marketing and incentives offered to healthcare practitioners. Health services now use different protocols for prescribing common opioids like oxycontin and synthetic opioids.

Learn about the Opioid Crisis

Some are calling one of the USA's most significant public health emergencies in a long time. Its history is a valuable tool for understanding the spread of illicit substance use as well as the misuse of legal prescriptions. EdX offers courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field, bringing you knowledge and expertise from the comfort of your home. Join us to discover how you can learn more about this developing crisis.

Opioid Crisis Courses

edX currently offers a handful of courses that deal directly with the crisis itself. Both Harvard and Michigan X explore the events surrounding the crisis. You'll learn the trends leading up to the crisis and what health care providers, law enforcement, and the U.S. Department of Health did to begin controlling the crisis. You can also take courses on other subjects such as substance abuse treatment and public health best practices. EdX also offers courses in the mental health field as well as fields concerned with managing chronic disease and pain - all subjects related to the management of opioid abuse and opioid addiction.

Navigating the Crisis

Whether you're a healthcare professional, in law or law enforcement, or simply interested in how public policy has shaped the prescription drug industry, edX has courses designed to build knowledge and provide insight. Opioid misuse ballooned into a crisis, but studying the events leading up to the crisis, the United States could change course. With the introduction of Fentanyl to the market and overdose deaths in the thousands, the prescription opioid market has changed. Substance abuse disorders are a public health issue, and addiction treatment could improve outcomes. Understanding drug abuse and using new protocols like naloxone could help turn the tide. Let give you the skills and understanding you need.