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Learn another language

Whether you’re interested in traveling, studying abroad, or working in another country, learning another language can open up many possibilities. Learn a new language with online courses delivered through edX.

Why learn a new language?

edX offers a variety of online language courses to choose from that teach English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, and more. Fluency in a language can require learners to spend significant time receiving instruction in a class and to immerse themselves in the language outside of a formal educational setting. The most useful languages to learn depend on each individual’s interests and goals. For example, college students considering a semester abroad can begin learning the language that matches the destination where they hope to study. Employees who work with international clients may choose to take language lessons that correspond to the regions where they do the most business. And those who want to learn for fun may simply decide to begin studying the language of a country where they hope to travel one day.

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How to learn a language

Online courses and programs in different languages are available for every level of learner and for learners with different goals. There are courses designed for people who seek to do business in other countries, for students preparing for AP language exams, and for people that simply want to improve their grammar and writing skills.

For example, you can get started writing and speaking Spanish with self-paced courses that teach basic conversational skills and verb conjugation, before you advance to higher level vocabulary and grammar. Those who enroll will practice writing and speaking everyday phrases, while also learning about Spanish culture. 

A beginner course in Mandarin Chinese may break down all the foundational elements of the language, including the characters and the sounds. You can learn about Chinese tones and language structure which will establish a solid foundation for more advanced courses. 

And English learners can improve their conversational speaking skills with self-paced online courses designed to teach unique words and phrases common to basic conversation. Learners will hear and participate in English dialogue and discussion, which will help to build their understanding of spoken English, as well as cultural norms. 

Get started on your language learning journey today. Explore all of the courses that edX offers to learners interested in studying a new language.

Job opportunities for multilingual employees 

Learning a second or third language can lead to a variety of exciting job opportunities. Fluency in multiple languages can be beneficial to those who seek careers in politics, international development, and foreign affairs. Translators can be necessary for diplomacy, or they could be deployed on the frontlines of international crises helping refugees and migrants. 

With the growth of international trade and globalization, companies also need employees that can both speak the language and understand the culture of the country or countries where they do business. Multilingual professionals can find roles in business development, marketing, hospitality, healthcare, science, information technology, and engineering at multinational companies. Effective communication across geographic and cultural boundaries can be critical to success in many of these positions. 

Being fluent in multiple languages can be a great asset for your professional career. Build your language skills with edX today.