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Infrastructure Courses

Learn about infrastructure concepts from top schools on edX today!

learn infrastructure

learn infrastructure

What is infrastructure?

Infrastructure is the network of systems and facilities that make up our day to day lives. They serve a variety of areas from countries down to neighborhoods and inform the movement of things like water supply, the power grid, and for things that encourage economic development.

Infrastructure is an important part of encouraging the growth and prosperity of an area or business. Learning about building basic infrastructures and different examples of infrastructure is an important step. The stability of this network is vital to ensuring that a society can survive and grow. These interrelated systems provide the things we need and ensure our lives are smooth and maintain a certain standard of living. Many infrastructure systems are a mix of public-private partnerships that provide commodities to the public.

Learn about infrastructure

Learning about infrastructure concepts is vital to keep things organized and running smoothly. Whether you're building public infrastructure or you're using your knowledge to develop and maintain internal infrastructures for a company, knowledge of all the moving parts is a vital part of your success.

edX offers courses designed in partnership with trusted thinkers and institutions in the field. You can take part in courses from your own home and on your own time. There are a variety of tracks you can choose to help you along your path.

Infrastructure courses an cCertifications

MichiganX offers a course, Infrastructure Management for Public Libraries, designed to help you maintain the workings of libraries and their technologies, insurance, and other components. EPFL offers a larger look at infrastructure with a course on Management of Urban Infrastructures.

You can also take a look at conceptual infrastructures such as digital. USM offers a course on Cloud Computing Infrastructure, and Microsoft provides a course on Database Infrastructures. You can also explore the infrastructure of smart cities with EPFL. Curtin offers a micro-masters program in the Internet of Things and its infrastructure. You'll learn the basic structure of building a network and critical infrastructure choices you'll make. You can also explore other courses designed to introduce you to the different infrastructures of local governments, power plants, and permanent installations.

Build career expertise in infrastructure

You can use your expertise and training to develop plans for public infrastructures for local governments, or you can build pipelines for the cloud infrastructures for your local company. You'll have everything you need with courses from edX and partners to make a career in studying what provides a top standard of living and a logical framework for operations.