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Inference Courses

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learn inference

learn inference

What is Inference?

An inference is a conclusion reached based on the evidence presented and a bit of reasoning. It's used in almost every field, but scientific inference could be the most famous example. The scientific method was designed, in fact, to improve the outcomes of scientific inquiry by formalizing the process of inferencing. Scientific reasoning is based on drawing conclusions (making inferences) directly from the evidence presented. Statistical inference and modeling are indispensable for analyzing data affected by chance, and thus essential for data scientists.

Learn Inference

Scientific discovery, as well as philosophic inquiry, requires that you observe the evidence and decide accordingly. Critical thinking is involved, as well as higher order thinking skills. In one popular field, Data Science, the art of inference is particularly important. Data analysis requires a good grasp of the process of inference to make sense of what the data is telling us. Other fields, such as business or marketing, require the same understanding of how evidence should shape our decisions.

Inference Courses and Certifications

Examples of inference: You can master scientific inference, statistical inference, logical inference, and causal inference through a series of courses offered by and leading institutions around the world. Philosophical problems aren't new, but through accessible education, you can build your inference ability. Learn how a particular set of observations leads to logical consequences with Tokyo Tech's Introduction to Deep Earth Science, Harvard's Introduction to Data Science, or the University of California at Berkeley's Introduction to Statistical Inference. The variety of courses on edX runs through a range of scientific disciplines and offers you an understanding of how the foundations of modern scientific method apply to these fields with many inference examples. There are other courses dedicated to aspects of the philosophy of science, including Berkeley's Foundations of Data Science professional certification series and MIT's MicroMasters program in Data Science and Statistics. You'll learn how to draw conclusions directly from the data to make better decisions for your organization. Other courses include different aspects of inference, including an overview of Marketing Analytics with Wharton where you'll learn to case studies, experimental data, and other types of scientific knowledge to marketing KPIs. No matter what type of field you're in, you'll learn to apply the data correctly and efficiently.

Inference and Your Career

In a world of big data, it's not enough to just check the numbers. You must understand how inference plays a part in critical decision making. This inductive reasoning is crucial for using data, physical sciences, and other observations to form logical conclusions within your organization. Level up your decision making and witness the transformation within your organization.