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Global Studies Courses

Learn about global studies with online courses today!

What is global studies? 

A global studies program is an interdisciplinary area of study that examines the broader culture and interconnected nature of the global world. It includes international relations, global health, the social sciences, and other fields. The field of global studies is designed to examine a variety of things, including the flow of power, ideas, and capital. 

The global studies degree isn't meant to be a specific set of subjects. Instead, it provides a framework for interdisciplinary exploration of the world and its people, giving global studies students so much leeway to design a program of study.

International organizations need people with an understanding of international affairs and current events. The global perspective can provide these organizations with vital experience and knowledge, exactly what the world needs to solve challenges and create solutions.

Learn about global studies with edX

edX offers courses in partnership with respected institutions in a variety of fields. Students can explore fields like global studies and learn on their own schedule in their own way. Many courses are available for free for personal growth, but the platform also offers accredited options for students seeking official credit.

In addition to single courses, participants can sign up for certificates, micro-degrees, and even full degree choices. Students can further their careers or simply indulge in learning for its own sake.

Global Studies courses and certificates

Students can build a unique track designed specifically for their interests. For example, Global Politics from FedericaX and International Politics in the Korean Penninsula from SNUx could help students interested in the area from a political perspective. The coursework would include studies in human rights, global powers, and the flow of capital.

Other options include The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism from StanfordOnline, Global Health Case Studies from a Biosocial Perspective from HarvardX, or Environmental Studies from a Global Perspective from CurtinX. These types of courses provide training in specific avenues of international studies and global issues. 

The platform also provides courses in the history and culture of specific areas, allowing participants to build knowledge in any area they choose. In addition, foreign language courses also provide career training or personal growth.

Explore Careers in global studies

Moving forward with international development requires critical thinking skills. Students can build a foundation in an interdisciplinary study like global studies, whether it's from experiential learning or taking courses on the edX platform. 

edX provides a pathway for innovative education, customizable to a student's specific needs. These core courses can be precursors to graduate study, provide career skills, and facilitate career development. Explore and build skills with the edX platform and its global education partners.