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What is Gender Studies?

Few disciplines in the Social Sciences are more pivotal than Gender Studies at this moment in history. In recent years, new research and cultural studies have encouraged many to reconsider gender roles, challenge perceptions of gender identity, face gender bias, and question the very notion of a universal gender definition.

Simultaneously, contentious discussions in politics and policy have brought issues of gender equality (and, specifically, gender inequality) more openly into the public eye. Different organizations across the world have approached gender issues in various ways. The United Nations, for example, promotes gender mainstreaming, explaining it as a “globally accepted strategy for promoting gender equality.”

There is considerable work to be done globally to fight gender disparity, which is fueled by pervasive gender stereotypes. This work depends upon individuals with the necessary understanding of gender theory, gender differences, and gender roles in society to tackle these issues.

Gender Studies as a discipline takes an academic view of gender and development, and incorporates many of the teachings and approaches found in women's studies. The skills required include critical thinking, research, analysis, and communications. In addition to specific positions in academia, these studies prepare learners for myriad roles in the public and private sectors that depend upon these skills.

Online Courses in Gender Studies

Courses pertaining to Gender Studies are available online in a number of introductory and advanced subjects. Wellesley College offers Global Social Change, a study of how people in China, Bangladesh, Mexico, and the U.S. advocate for social change. Diversity and Social Justice in Social Work, a course from Michigan University, increases learners’ knowledge and critical thinking skills related to diversity, human rights, and social justice and injustice. Touching upon the ways in which gender perception have affected politics and labor, Columbia University offers a pair of courses on Women’s History titled, Women Have Always Worked. The courses offered cover the subject in two sections: The U.S. Experience 1700 – 1920, and The U.S. Experience 1920 – 2016. Smith College offers Psychology of Political Activism: Women Changing the World, a political psychology course that explores the work of prominent women such as Gloria Steinem and Loretta Ross.

Advanced courses take the basic principles that underlie these historical and psychological studies and apply them to the private sector. Curtin University offers a MicroMasters degree in Human Rights, a multidisciplinary area that incorporates politics, anthropology, philosophy, education, social work and legal frameworks.

Jobs in Gender Studies

According to the job site Indeed, there are more than 3,500 open positions related to Gender Studies and Human Rights. There are over 2,000 available jobs related to women’s advocacy and more than 1,300 positions that come up from searches of “gender equality.”

Because of the analysis, critical thinking, and policy skillsets cultivated through Gender Studies, jobs in law and politics are a good fit for learners who’ve successfully completed coursework in this area.

There are more than 22,000 open positions on Indeed for attorneys, 8,000 of which begin at salaries of $75,000 or more. There are also 9,000 Social Justice opportunities on Indeed as well as 2,500 for Political Analysts.

Explore a career in Gender Studies

Whether pursuing an academic career, jobs in the public or private sectors, or even just looking for a broader worldview, online college courses related to Gender Studies can take learners down a number of fulfilling paths. Enroll now and start today.