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Energy Transition Courses

Learn about Energy Transition and More with Online Courses and Lessons on edX!
learn energy transition

learn energy transition

What is Energy Transition?

Populations are growing, and the climate is changing. Our reliance on fossil fuels may be drawing to a close, but that doesn't mean our energy needs are becoming less important. To address sustainability, our civilizations are transitioning to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. 

The move to energy efficiency and clean energy sources is called energy transition. It's not an overnight change to make to our energy systems, but we'll need to master sustainable development to address climate change and growing populations. Energy demand won't change, but the future of energy will rely on how easily humans are able to meet their energy needs.

Learn about Energy Transition

Investors and stakeholders will need guidance for moving forward with new energy technologies to meet energy consumption demands. The transformation will need knowledgeable people and experts to help direct, plan, and streamline the transition the world will go through.

edX offers courses designed in partnership with leading thinkers and institutions in the field. You'll join a cohort of students online from around the world and complete courses in your own time. Official credit is also available for those of you who are seeking verified professional development or education.

Energy Transition Courses and Certifications

DelftX offers a professional certification in The Economics of Energy Transition. In the first course, The Energy Markets of Today, you'll learn about the European energy market in its current status and how energy policy affects everyday life for Europeans. 

In the second course, The Transition to the Decarbonized Economy of Tomorrow, you'll learn how policy, technology, and a host of other factors could aid in decarbonization and stabilize the energy supply for future generations. It’s a look at the energy grid of tomorrow.

You can also take a variety of courses on different aspects of the energy transition. If the electrification of car design interests you, there are several courses you can take to introduce electric vehicles from institutions like DelftX. If designing for renewable power generation is your interest, you can learn from institutions like MIT.

The University of Queensland provides a course on Energy Principles and Renewable Energy. You'll take this course as part of a MicroMasters on renewable energy. You'll learn about bioenergies such as biofuel, hydropower, geothermal, or solar power and their place in the global economy.

Helping with the Energy Transition

The global energy transition will require a deep understanding of carbon emissions, the energy sector, sustainable development, and so many other things. Whether it's managing greenhouse gas emissions or building a new type of electricity generation, you'll have the information and knowledge to make the next significant steps for human energy.