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State Bank of India: Agricultural Digitalization

To understand the concept of Agricultural Digitalization and the role of Digital Application in growth of Agriculture. To know the various opportunities and challenges in Agricultural Digitalization.

Agricultural Digitalization
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About this course

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Today is the era of Digitisation and Agriculture cannot be ignored from this aspect. To get the best from the agriculture, we must take the advantage of technology. Since the smart phone has reached the nook and corner of the world, most of the farmers and all stake holders can use technology for Agriculture produces for various reasons.

  • Improve yields
  • Better disease control
  • Reduce costs
  • Efficient use of resources so outcome is better improved.

This course is all about the role of Digital in Agriculture, various opportunities and challenges and way forward. It provides the basic knowledge needed in Digital Agriculture. The course also covers the various technology which is being used in various / area of Agriculture.

At a glance

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What you'll learn

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* Overview of Agricultural Digitalization.

* Role of Digital in Agriculture

* Robotic farming

* Drone farming

* Role of technology in soil management

* New trends, problems, challenges, and way forward.

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