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State Bank of India: Introduction to Risk Culture for Banks

Learn about the 360-degree gamut of Risk Culture, its importance for Banks and tools to develop Positive Risk Culture in Banks.

Introduction to Risk Culture for Banks
4 weeks
2–3 hours per week
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About this course

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Risk culture may be defined as ‘the systems, values and behaviour present in an institution that enable the employees of the institution to be risk aware and make risk sensitive decisions.’

Risk culture determines an organisation’s attitude towards risk, and it decides how people will engage/ deal with the risks they encounter in their pursuit of the business objectives.

A bank might have best of the risk management policies and tools in place, but the extent of adherence to these policies or tools will depend on the risk culture prevalent in the bank.

Risk culture goes beyond an institution’s Risk-policies and rules. It is driven by the values, beliefs and attitudes of the individuals as well as the values of the organisations.

Hence to minimise adverse events the organisation will have to develop a positive culture, which will make employees comply with the rules in letter and spirit both.

To improve compliance level in any organisation, compliance function must be supported by a ‘Positive Risk culture’ within the organization.

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What you'll learn

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  1. The learners will gain understanding of the significance of ‘Risk Culture’ in improving the compliance level in a bank and minimising adverse events.

  2. This course aims to provide learners a systematic overview of Risk Culture & Need to develop a ‘Positive Risk culture’

  3. The learners will understand how ‘Risk culture’ determines a bank’s attitude towards risk and how it affects the risk decisions being taken by its employees when they come across the risk-events during pursuit of their business objectives.

  4. The learners will understand various challenges of creating a Positive risk culture in an organisation.

The learners will be acquainted with various tools which can help in changing the prevalent risk culture, if needed, and create conducive positive risk culture to ensure that employees comply with the laid down rules in letter and spirit both.

Module I Elements of Risk & Risk Management

Module II Risk Culture - A Strategic Imperative

Module III Risk Culture as a Regulatory Risk Mitigation Tool

Module IV: Ethical Conduct & Positive Risk Culture

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