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Digital Leadership Courses

Take online digital leadership courses from top universities and institutions on edX today!

What is digital leadership?

​Digital leadership involves strategically using a company's digital assets to establish authority and pursue the business's goals. Digital leaders can leverage a variety of digital tools and content to accomplish their organization's goals. 

Digital leaders have a deep understanding of business goals and can craft careful plans to leverage digital assets for a competitive edge. Digital transformation has caused companies to adopt new digital technologies, so this form of leadership ensures those are leveraged in the best way possible.

Technology initiatives also improve how companies respond to customer needs. Business models in the digital world should adapt to use the new technology available, and digital leaders can help smooth that transition.

Learn about digital leadership

edX offers courses and certifications designed to meet students where they are. Courses are created and delivered by leaders in the field, and learners can access course materials for free for personal growth. 

The platform also offers official credit tracks for a fee. Students pay the fee and access course materials for life. edX currently offers single courses, certificates, and even full degrees in a variety of topics with more added regularly.

Digital Leadership Courses and Certificates

BUx offers a micro-master's in Digital Leadership. This five-course series outlines techniques for agile development, data collection for business outcomes, and business strategies to encourage innovation. Learners will explore what it takes to become an effective digital leader and build a digital strategy for competitive advantage.

TecdeMonterreyX offers a course, Leadership in the Digital Age. It explores the evolution of the concept of leadership and what digital competencies will be required in new business. The course explores a variety of digital business strategies, what to expect from digital disruption, and effective digital leadership.

Leading and Digital Transformation from ASUx covers digital leadership skills and provides a roadmap for businesses training successful digital leaders. It examines big data analytics and its role in business. It explores the technical skills of Industry 4.0 and the new opportunities they present.

Building digital leadership with edX

The edX platform offers students a pathway to a unique and quality education. The digital marketing ecosystem can be overwhelming, but learners can master digital leadership skills with the right courses. Business leaders need to build a digital culture, so these skillsets are vital for employment for the new era.

edX offers access to leaders in the field of digital technology and transformation. It's time to build new skills and foster a lifelong love of learning.