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Tsinghua University: Data Structures and Algorithm Design Part I | 数据结构与算法设计(上)

Learn the basics of data structures and methods to design algorithms and analyze their performance. 本课程旨在围绕各类数据结构的设计与实现,揭示其中的规律原理与方法技巧;同时针对算法设计及其性能分析,使学生了解并掌握主要的套路与手段。

8 weeks
3–7 hours per week
Progress at your own speed

About this course

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Data structures play a central role in computer science and are the cornerstones of efficient algorithms. Knowledge in this area has been at the kernel of related curriculums. This course aims at exploring the principles and methods in the design and implementation of various data structures and providing students with main tools and skills for algorithm design and performance analysis. Topics covered by this course range from fundamental data structures to recent research results. "Data Structures and Algorithm Design Part I" is an introductory course focusing on basic data structures, including vectors, lists, stacks, queues, binary trees, and graphs. They are important in programming practice, as well as fundamental to our advanced course: "Part II."

数据结构是计算机科学的关键内容,也是构建高效算法的必要基础。其覆盖的知识,在相关专业的课程体系中始终处于核心位置。本课程旨在围绕各类数据结构的设 计与实现,揭示其中的规律原理与方法技巧;同时针对算法设计及其性能分析,使学生了解并掌握主要的套路与手法。讲授的主题从基础的数据结构,一直延伸至新 近的研究成果。本学期的数据结构(上),是数据结构的入门课程,着重讲解向量、列表、栈、队列、二叉树、图等基本的数据结构,它们不仅本身具有重要实用价值,而且为学习后续课程“数据结构(下)"提供了基础。更多介绍详见:,或加入本课之后查看FAQ栏目。

At a glance

  • Institution: TsinghuaX
  • Subject: Computer Science
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Prerequisites:

    Basic Computer Science and programming skills

  • Language: 中文
  • Video Transcript: 中文
  • Associated skills: Algorithm Design, Computer Science, Curriculum Development, Performance Analysis, Algorithms, Data Analysis, Data Structures

What you'll learn

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  • Algorithms used to solve complex problems
  • Principles and methods in the design and implementation of various data structures
  • Skills for algorithm design and performance analysis
  • Background on fundamental data structures and recent results
  • 数据结构的设计与实现
  • 揭示其中的规律原理与方法技巧
  • 了解并掌握主要的套路与手法

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