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State Bank of India: Remote Work Essentials

Are you ready for the new World of work? Today, an office assumes new meaning, and work is no longer constrained by a rigid workplace. Moving forward, the capability to work remotely becomes a critical competency as the future of work unfolds. This course incorporates the latest studies, evolving challenges, best practices, and lessons on blending to provide a step-by-step guide. It will help you acquire the current essential skillset needed for effective remote work, as you join the expanding pool of remote/hybrid workforce in this new era.

3 weeks
3–5 hours per week
Progress at your own speed
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About this course

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In the past, working from home was available sparingly as a special arrangement to accommodate specific cases. However, technological advancements and the Covid pandemic have made remote working an acceptable practice in many offices globally, to the point where some businesses thrive completely on remote teams.

Every year a large number of recruits join the workforce. In the dynamic and competitive world of work, better preparation can tip the balance to your advantage. And though remote work has commonalities, it is definitely not the same as working from an office. It requires additional skills to facilitate the remote experience and stand out with a competitive edge. In the future model of work a large pool of workers will be available beyond borders, hence upskilling to be ahead is imperative.

This course is conceptualized in the post-Covid era to help you manage yourself and the current challenges of being a remote employee. It will systematically equip you with prevalent essential practices, tips, and tools to become a valuable part of a remote/hybrid workforce.

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills: Upskilling

What you'll learn

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Through this comprehensive, contemporary, career-oriented, and step-by-step approach you will learn to-

  1. Examine your remote readiness
  2. Appreciate the concept of remote and hybrid work
  3. Understand current challenges that remote work poses
  4. Adopt the best practices essential for effective remote work
  5. Gain competitive advantage as a remote professional
  6. Collaborate successfully in the remote mode

Module 1: Zooming in on Remote Readiness

  • Gauging Remote readiness
  • Status check for reorientation
  • Gearing up for Remote work - Examining apprehensions ****

Module 2: Demystifying Remote Work

  • Appreciating the concept of Remote work
  • Key Differences in Remote work
  • Different scenarios of Remote work
  • Working in the ‘Phygital’ workspace
  • Future of Remote work ****

Module 3: Mitigating Challenges to Remote Work

  • Decoding obstacles of Remote work
  • Overcoming Personal Challenges of Remote work
  • Overcoming Interpersonal Challenges of Remote work
  • Negotiating Digital stress

Module 4:Gearing up for Effective Remote Work

  • Fortifying the Essential Tool kit for Remote work
  • Key Remote working Skills
  • Digital Infrastructure Checklist
  • Creating a productive ‘remote office’

Module 5: Standing out as a Remote Professional

  • Creating an impressive Remote Image
  • Facing a Remote interview
  • Acing Online presentations
  • Identifying your Time Stealers

Module 6: Staying ahead as a Remote Team Member

  • Trust in the remote workplace
  • Remote reporting
  • Running remote meetings
  • Remote Collaboration

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