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State Bank of India: Personal Branding

Public perception of an individual is generally based on the individual’s actions and achievements. Leaders and individuals project themselves as different and thereby influence public perception. This conscious effort to create and display a persona that is authentic, compelling, and relevant is what is called Personal Branding.

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About this course

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Personal branding is a combination of skills, experience, and personality to create a positive impression and reputation. Personal branding is not just about marketing but about being your marketer. It is about standing for yourself to earn respect and confidence from peers, sub-ordinates and superiors.

Comprehending the principles of personal branding will enable to gain visibility and recognition, forge constructive relationships and influence decision making.

At a glance

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What you'll learn

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  1. Brand and Personal Brand –Similarity and Difference

  2. Personal Branding – Is It Absolutely Necessary…?

  3. Understanding one’s Uniqueness for Personal Branding

  4. The Principles of Personal Branding

  5. Personal Branding Process – Build up a Brand

  6. Essential Skills for Personal Branding

  7. The Role of Persona in Personality Branding

  8. Considerations for Building one’s Personal Brand

  9. Communicating the Personal Brand

Leveraging Personal Branding for the Digital Age

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