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State Bank of India: Leadership Skills to Build High Performance Teams

People have been and would remain the main drivers behind business. It is the people who are responsible for the smooth and effective operations and development and delivery of products and services. Higher level of performance of the people translates into higher level of productivity, profitability, and sustainability. Thus, it is imperative for leaders to ensure that their team is a high performing one.

4 weeks
2–3 hours per week
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About this course

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It is the people that perform. Even the best of resources fail to produce desired results if people are not working as a team, are not aligned, are not connected with the goal, mission and vision of the company or the organisation. People come from different backgrounds, different cultures and with different attitudes and orientation. It is important to shape their ambition and energy towards the common and larger goals of the organisation so they can act in unison and act as a team.

People have the potential. Unleashing that potential is the key. Leaders must create conditions for competence to come out. Leaders must provide enabling environment for people to explore and innovate, must arrange resources to realize their full potential and power. They must ensure that their people have the confidence and the courage to take decisions, risks and responsibility. This is what leadership is all about.

This course aims at equipping the middle and senior level managers/ leaders with the ability to coach, mentor and nurture their people to create an effective team and unleash their full potential so that they become high performers.

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What you'll learn

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v Interpersonal relationships and their importance

v Role of coaching and mentoring in developing others

v Leading people from potential to performance

v Engaging people to build a high-performance team ****

Week 1, Module 1

1. Understanding People’s Potential & Group dynamics

a. Personal identities and professional skills

b. Setting and sharing of goals and plans

c. Defining roles and responsibilities

d. Relationship and resolving conflicts

Week 2, Module 2

2. Achieving the Results and Goals

a. Performing to achieve the results

b. Assessing the performance and gaps

c. LEAD- Learn, Explore, Advise, Drive- to lead

d. Leading through delegation

Week 3, Module 3

3. Developing People’s Potential for High Performance

a. Encouraging ‘thinking differently’ and innovations

b. Expanding the performance parameters

c. Changing technology and industry landscape

d. Managing change through coaching and mentoring

Week 4, Module 4

4. Retaining and Sustaining High Performance

a. Creating an environment of competition

b. Rewards, recognition, and incentives

c. Inculcating a culture of respect and performance

d. TEAM- Trust, Engagement, Access, Motivation

Frequently Asked Questions

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This course is for Mid and senior levels people in the organisations, and entrepreneurs.

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