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State Bank of India: Adaptability in the workplace

In this fast-changing environment, an open mind and quick response mind to new ideas are the key to success. Adaptability is the ability of a person to quickly respond to the challenges arising due to changes in the ideas, expectations, technology, responsibilities, processes etc.

The world experienced an unprecedented situation during pandemic, which tested the ability of person to adapt. One who adapted fast in that situation, managed the challenges best, both in personal and professional life.

In this course, we discuss about the concept of adaptability, adaptability skills and bringing these skills at workplace.

4 weeks
2–3 hours per week
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About this course

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In this fast and ever-changing environment, no one is spared. Everyone has to face the challenges arising out of the changes in the environment. The question is, how well are we prepared to face these challenges? What are the skills required to sail through such challenging times effectively?

A year prior to the pandemic, nobody would have imagined what they may have to face a year later. In the history of mankind, the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus was one of the biggest challenges that the world has witnessed. It was a testing time for everybody, both at personal front and at the workplace. Individuals, who were adaptive, were successful in managing the difficult situations at that time. The pandemic brought many challenges, but at the same time it has shown ability of the organizations to be resilient in every situation.

Adaptability is a quality that makes one more effective at workplace. One has to face fast and unpredictable changes working at every level in the organization. Their ability to sail smoothly through such changes is need of the job profile today, be it dealing with people, technology, preferences, expectations, ideas or processes. If they are more adaptable, they will be demanded more by their organizations. All organizations want to see a candidate who can be effective in any situation. Being adaptive will make one suitable for every job.

This course will enable one to understand the meaning of adaptability, learn different skills of adaptability and will help them to implement the skills at their workplace to improve their effectiveness.

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What you'll learn

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1. The environment around and need for adaptability skills

2. Different adaptability skills

3. Benefits of practising adaptability skills at workplace

4. How to practice adaptability skills at workplace

The programme will include a mix of videos, recorded audio clips and faculty led lectures. The examples from the situations at different organisations will be discussed to increase effectivity.

Week 1

Module 1: Meaning of Adaptability

This module will make the learner understand workplace environment and challenges of different environments. Understanding the definition and meaning of adoptability, introduction to adaptability skills and need for those skills in today’s environment.

1.1 The environment around

1.2 The challenges around

1.3 What is adaptability – Meaning and definition.

1.4 What are adaptability skills?

1.5 Need for adaptability skills

Week 2

Module 2: Types of adaptability skills – 1

There are five types of adaptability skills that will be discussed in the course. Out of these skills, three skills will be covered in second module in second week and two skills in third week. Following adaptability skills will be discussed in Module 2:

2.1 Critical thinking

2.1.1. Analysis

2.1.2 Observation

2.1.3 Logical thinking

2.1.4 Problem-solving

2.2 Resilience

2.2.1 Flexibility

2.2.2 Self-confidence

2.2.3 Determination

2.2.4 Diligence

2.3 Growth mindset

2.3.1 Open-mindedness

2.3.2 Desire to learn

2.3.3 Self-development

2.3.4 Perseverance

Week 3

Module 3: Types of adaptability skills – 2

The other two types of adaptability skills discussed in this module:

3.1.1 Collaboration

3.1.1 Active listening

3.1.2 Empathy

3.1.3 Communication

3.1.4 Tolerance

3.1.5 Emotional intelligence

3.2 Responsive to feedback

3.2.1 Attention to details

3.2.2 Receptivity

3.2.3 Attentiveness

3.2.4 Active listening

Week 4

Module 4: Bringing adaptability skills to workplace

Traits required by an individual to be adaptive at workplace, will be discussed in this module.

4.1 How to improve adaptability skills

4.1.1 Challenge tradition

4.1.2 Learn from Experts

4.1.3 Practise empathy

4.2 How to bring adaptability skills at workplace

4.2.1 Improve problem solving skills

4.2.2 Be ready for the change

4.2.3 Keep an open mind

4.3.4 Keep ego away

4.3.5 Embrace the world outside your comfort zone

4.3 Benefits of adaptability skills

4.3.1 Be a better leader

4.3.2 Be able to bounce back quickly from adversity

4.3.3 Be happier and more satisfied with life

4.3.4 Be more valuable for business or profession

4.3.5 Be better equipped to face challenges

4.3.6 Be better equipped to handle workload pressure

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Who are the target audience for this course?

A. Change is everywhere and is inevitable. To be future ready, the course can be undertaken by every employee an organization. This will benefit the individual as well as the organisations.

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