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Brand Engagement Courses

Learn strategic brand management, digital branding, global brand marketing strategy and more with free online courses and programs from top universities and institutions. Gain the skills you need to advance your career in marketing.

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What is Brand Engagement?

Brand engagement is a marketing strategy designed to build an emotional connection between consumers and a brand. Companies look to grow consumer engagement to help increase their brand awareness. Developing a brand strategy that gives consumers the opportunity to engage with the brand at various touch points helps to generate and grow loyal customers; whether it’s through advertising, retail environments or social media marketing.

In order for consumers to engage with a brand, they must first connect to the brand identity. Brand identity in a consumer’s mind is guided by elements such as color, design, name, logo. A brand’s identity also relates to brand positioning – the distinct features and benefits a product or service that differentiate it from competitors.

Online Brand Engagement Courses and Programs

Introductory and advanced online marketing courses are available to help learners get on a path to a career in brand management and engagement or advance your existing career. For those just starting out, it is essential to build core marketing skills.

There are numerous online marketing courses learners can choose from. Examples include those from Curtin University, University of Edinburgh, Wharton School of Business and other top universities and institutions around the world.

Start with introductory marketing courses to learn the essentials of how companies build a marketing strategy and look to grow and manage their brand. One example is University of British Columbia’s Introduction to Marketing, which teaches the fundamentals of marketing, including strategies and tools used across industries.

For advanced study, the Marketing in a Digital World MicroMasters program from Curtin University is a great option. It’s designed to help learners gain expertise in creating and sustaining a brand, digital marketing and brand engagement as well as brand reputation management.

Brand Engagement Jobs

Brand engagement is part of marketing, therefore the career potential for those with brand engagement skills is in marketing.The average in the US for digital marketing managers, an important role in overall brand engagement, is $80,861 according to the job site Indeed.

On Indeed, there are 22,000 jobs listed for Social Media Managers. In addition, there are 1,400 jobs available for Brand Managers, most of which start at $65,000 a year or more.

Explore a Career in Brand Engagement

Gain in-demand marketing skills to help build a brand. Explore courses and programs to gain essential knowledge and career advancement. From learning the basics with UBC’s Introduction to Marketing to developing strategies to increase your brand engagement with Curtin University’s Digital Branding and Engagement, online marketing courses will help start or advance a career as a marketing manager, brand engagement manager, social media manager, or more. Enroll and start learning today!