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Biomedical Sciences Courses

Enroll in online biomedical science courses from top institutions and universities on edX today!

learn biomedical science

learn biomedical science

What is Biomedical Science?

Biomedical science is a collection of applied sciences that help us understand, research, and innovate within the field of healthcare. It includes disciplines like molecular biology, clinical virology, bioinformatics, and biomedical engineering, among others. It's designed to apply the biological sciences to advance not only individual health but also the area of public health. Biomedical Research can help health professions better understand things like the human body and cell biology, making advances in our understanding of epidemics, health initiatives, and human health in the age of longer life expectancy. It aids our understanding of infectious disease and provides research opportunities into some of our most troubling health issues.

Learn Biomedical Science

Specializing in an area of biomedical science can prepare you to make breakthroughs in the science of our health and wellbeing. Research scientists are currently studying some of the most persistent problems humanity has in the area of health. Graduate study and advanced degrees set you up for rewarding careers in this field, but you can also begin with an undergraduate biomedical science major. Courses in life sciences also provide foundational knowledge for beginning your career.

Biomedical Science Courses and Certifications

edX can help you get started with the knowledge base needed for a career in the biomedical sciences. These courses are offered in partnership with institutions training the next generation of researchers. For example, IsraelX offers an introductory course in Genomics and Biomedical Informatics. Other options include Harvard's course in Principles, Tools, and Computational Statistics for researching in the field. EPFL's course in Biomedical Imaging could ignite a career in diagnostics and research, helping build the next generation of diagnostic tools and Brown's class on Engineering and Design. If you want a more in-depth introduction to the field, a professional education series in Biospecimen Research Methods. It will help you build your research skills in the area of human physiology and human disease while providing the foundational knowledge required for building a research system.

Ignite a Career in Biomedical Science

As populations begin to live longer, our understanding of human physiology must evolve. Biomedical sciences offers a rewarding career path in research and could pave the way for innovations that help us solve our most challenging issues in healthcare and provide a path for better, higher standards of living. edX can help you begin your journey into this rewarding career path with courses designed for a foundational understanding of the scientific fields involved in this research. The next stage of healthcare is around the corner, and you could be an integral part of its implementation.