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Anatomy Courses

Take free online courses in anatomy to build your skills and advance your career. Learn anatomy and other in-demand subjects with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

What Is Anatomy?

Anatomy is the classification and identification of living things. In human anatomy, for example, it defines all our parts and systems, helping people like medical professionals identify disease, perform research, and understand structures as basic as the biology of cells to the most complex systems. It's a branch of biology that can help solve problems and is an integral part of many fields of biology and research. There are quite a few different branches of anatomy, but all are the study of the structure of living things.

Learn Anatomy

Anatomy can lead to careers in quite a few different fields. Medical biology and research use the components of anatomy to drive questions and find solutions. Ecology uses anatomy to identify new species. Even certain kinds of nanotech use anatomy of organisms too small for the naked eye as inspiration for the latest forms of biotechnology. Anatomy is a hugely relevant discipline, especially on the cusp of major AI breakthroughs. As we push further into medicine and diagnostics, the ability we have to classify those systems is a critical piece of the process.

Anatomy Courses

EdX offers anatomy courses from the basics of anatomy to full-scale courses in complex anatomy subfields. You can learn fundamentals, from skeletal muscle, the central nervous system or the cardiovascular system, for example. Moving beyond large systems to much smaller systems like the study of cells. The emergence of things like deep learning originated from the study of neural cells within the autonomic nervous system. Now, we have the emergence of AI transforming every piece of our lives. The study of Anatomy through edX's partnerships with major universities could be the launching point you need to build a career using anatomy and physiology as your base.

Explore the Possibilities with Anatomy

Just like the study of cell networks in the brain led to the emergence of neural networks and deep learning, other studies in anatomy could lead to wild breakthroughs in other areas. Different parts of the body could be the inspiration, or the systems of other living things could help us unlock the answers to persistent problems. All the systems, from the muscular system to the endocrine system to the respiratory system, everything holds possibility. Blood vessels move nanotechnology to heal on a microscopic level, or the skeletal system provides the basis for advances in robotics. Everything we know about the human body could lead us to new insights. You may not attend medical schools, but you could still use your knowledge to build new innovations and perform valuable research. Use these courses to develop your career, and you may be responsible for the next big innovation.