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IDBx: PM4R Agile: Agile mindset in development projects

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Do you work on development and social impact projects and need to improve the pace of your project execution? Do you want to motivate your team and apply an agile approach to your projects? Learn the basic principles of agility and how to develop an agile mindset that will improve the results of your projects and your team.

PM4R Agile: Agile mindset in development projects
10 weeks
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About this course

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The changing and dynamic reality of development and social impact projects demands new, more flexible project management approaches that allow for adapting to changes or unforeseen events that may arise during project execution and, in addition, to achieve development in a sustainable, inclusive and respectful manner, applying the highest standards of integrity, transparency and accountability.

For this reason, AcademiaBID, the IDB's learning platform, has developed the PM4R Agile methodology. With this hybrid methodology you will be able to progress more efficiently in the projects you are participating in, while increasing transparency, continuously engaging stakeholders and motivating the team.

In this course you will learn the basic concepts of agile that promote the development of the agile mindset and why it is important for managing development and social impact projects. In addition, you will learn the roles that make up an agile team and what their responsibilities are during project execution.

During these weeks, we will support you with practical activities to internalize the agile principles of PM4R Agile and the expected behaviors of each of these principles. Through a self-diagnosis, you will be able to analyze the degree of agility you have at the beginning, both at the individual level and at the level of your organization. In this way, you will be able to reinforce your knowledge and practice of the agile mindset principles before applying the 5 steps of the PM4R Agile methodology.

Start today to apply agility in your project with a methodology adapted to your needs. We are waiting for you in the course.

It is a MOOC that you can take at your own pace, and you can register at any time. If you choose the Assistant mode you can complete it for free in 10 weeks from the moment you register. If you opt for the Verified Certificate modality you can access the course in an unlimited way and you can complete the graded assessments until the closing date, 27, 2023, after making a payment of USD 19. In this way, if you pass, in addition to the verified certificate, you will get a digital badge that allows you to transform the way you share your academic and professional achievements, for example, in your social networks.

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This course is aimed at people working in development and social impact projects, in particular:

  • Civil servants at national and sub-national levels.
  • Staff of NGOs, public-private partnerships, foundations or consultancies.
  • Private sector personnel working in the area of responsibility of companies with social impact projects.
  • Teaching and research staff, as well as students in the area of social sciences.

This MOOC is the first step to increase your knowledge of the methodology and become professionally certified with Project Management For Results (PM4R). Find out what's next at this link:

At a glance

  • Language: English
  • Video Transcript: English
  • Associated skills: Learning Platforms, Project Implementation, Agile Methodology, Research

What you'll learn

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  • The characteristics and principles of the PM4R agile approach, a hybrid project management approach designed to apply agility in development and social impact projects.
  • The behaviors and attitudes of the project team that allow the development of an agile mindset and thus, achieve agile management of development and social impact projects.
  • The roles of the team in PM4R agile and what responsibilities each one has in this new horizontal work structure.
  • The differentiating elements of development and social impact projects that benefit the application of a hybrid approach and that help you self-diagnose your own degree of agility and that of the organization where you work.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does “AUDIT TRACK” mean?

The audit track access to the course is free and you have 10 weeks to take the course from the day you subscribed.

What does “VERIFIED TRACK” mean?

If you want to obtain the verified certificate of the course, you should opt for the verified mode, which costs 19 USD.

This way, in addition to the approval certificate, verified with your personal information, you will have access to all the course’s evaluations, and you will be able to consult the learning resources indefinitely. If you pass this course with 65%, you will also receive a digital badge that allows you to change the way you share your academic and professional achievements, for example, on social media.

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