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University of Cape Town: Instructional Design

Gain up-to-date skills to build effective training programmes as an instructional designer.

Gain up-to-date skills to build effective training programmes as an instructional designer.

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8 weeks
6–8 hours per week
Starts Oct 9, 2023
Enroll by Oct 3, 2023
Instructor-led on a course schedule
8 weeks
6–8 hours per week
Starts Oct 9, 2023
Enroll by Oct 3, 2023
Instructor-led on a course schedule

About this Course

Duration : 8 weeks (excluding orientation)

The evolution of the modern workplace – including the rapid progression of technical and environmental disruption – has made the upskilling and reskilling of employees a vital concern for organisations worldwide.1 These changes have increased the need for learning opportunities that address the specific requirements of businesses. At the same time, it’s heightened the demand for those with the skills to create and implement engaging, effective learning material.

The Instructional Design online short course from the University of Cape Town (UCT) gives you the tools to create effective learning experiences and embrace a new role as an agent of change. Gain a holistic understanding of the fundamental principles of instructional design, including content curation and using learning management platforms, with a focus on African and emerging-market contexts. On the course, you’ll learn to use incentivisation tactics, particularly gamification, to achieve learning goals. You’ll also explore the links between instructional design and organisational goals, and build a portfolio of transformative instructional design work that applies directly to your current context.

1 World Economic Forum (Oct, 2020).

By offering a holistic approach to instructional design, this course provides you with the tools to make an impact as an agent of change within your organisation. The current importance of upskilling and reskilling means that this course also allows you to increase your organisational impact if you work in human resources (HR) or corporate training. If you’re a teacher or educator, you’ll get the opportunity to expand your career to new horizons and apply your skills to broad contexts. You’ll also have the opportunity to gain up-to-date insights into the latest developments and applications of instructional design. If you’re interested in a career in the fast-growing instructional design industry, this course offers you key skills and a portfolio of instructional design work for application in multiple contexts. Ultimately, you’ll gain the knowledge and practical tools needed to foster long-lasting, positive change through education and training.

Course curriculum

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Build a transformative instructional design portfolio as you work through the weekly modules of this online short course.

Orientation module: Welcome to your Online Campus

Module 1: Foundations of instructional design

Module 2: The instructional designer as agent of change

Module 3: Learning management platforms

Module 4: Instructional design models and processes

Module 5: Analysis for content creation

Module 6: The principles of learning design

Module 7: Gamification and the role of e-learning tools

Module 8: Course implementation and evaluation

About the certificate

Gain a holistic understanding of instructional design and earn an official certificate of completion from the University of Cape Town.

Assessment is continuous and based on a series of practical assignments completed online. In order to be issued with a certificate, you’ll need to meet the requirements outlined in the course handbook. The handbook will be made available to you as soon as you begin the course.

Your certificate will be issued in your legal name and sent to you digitally upon successful completion of the program, as per the stipulated requirements.

Some facts about the subject


The share of business leaders who expect employees to pick up new skills on the job.

World Economic Forum (Oct, 2020).


The percentage of employees who report that gamification incentivises them to work harder.

World Economic Forum (Mar, 2021).

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