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Delve into the social web

Programa XSeries en
From Digital Technologies to Social Media

Lo que aprenderás

  • Map significant milestones in the emergence of social media
  • Identify how different users are impacted by digital in/accessibility
  • Extrapolate current social trends online and map possible directions in social media
  • Understand how people interpret robots and bots as communicating, social, even emotional, others

Online communication and digital technologies dominate our everyday lives, extend our abilities, and change the way we communicate with each other. This series brings together three Internet Studies MOOCS:

  • NET1x will increase learners’ understandings of social media by looking at the ways networked connectivity let users become 'social'
  • NET2x further explores the way digital technologies and social media channels impact our daily routines and transform how we live, using people with disability as a case study. Learners will be introduced to the social model of disability and the ways negative attitudes affect digital accessibility and representation.
  • Continuing the theme of human reliance on technologies, NET3x explores how people communicate with robots and bots in everyday life, both now and into the future.

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3 meses
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Cursos en este programa

  1. Programa XSeries en From Digital Technologies to Social Media de CurtinX

  2. 2–3 horas por semana durante 4 semanas

    Discover where social media came from, how it became integral to our everyday lives, and how that has changed the way we communicate.

  3. 3–4 horas por semana durante 4 semanas

    In Disability and Digital Media: Accessibility, Representation and Inclusion , we will explore the relationship between digital technologies and disability in the Internet age.

  4. 2–3 horas por semana durante 4 semanas

    Robots and bots are being developed to populate our homes, workplaces and social spaces, as well as the online spaces we frequent. How do people communicate with robots and bots? What does the future hold for human-robot communication and collaboration

Conoce a tus instructores
de Curtin University (CurtinX)

Gwyneth Peaty
Internet Studies
Curtin University
Eleanor Sandry
Lecturer in Internet Studies
Curtin University
Tama Leaver
Associate Professor
Curtin University
Katie Ellis
Associate Professor
Curtin University
Mike Kent
Associate Professor
Curtin University

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