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About this course

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This course provides a starting point for learning about and supporting gender equity in your workplace. You will develop a greater awareness and appreciation of gender equity, why it matters, and how to recognize and address gender inequities in your workplace now and in the future. Be aware that many of the forms of inequity discussed are experienced by people of all genders and can vary based on our ethnicity, race, ability, social class, religion, and other social identities. We encourage you to think about how you can apply the new practices you learn in your professional development and your work.

What you'll learn

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  • Understand what gender equity and gender equality are, the difference between them, and why it matters.
  • Recognize gender inequity in the workplace.
  • Identify actions you can take to advance gender equity in your workplace.

Part 1: Introduction to Gender Identity

  • Examine gender inequities in the workplace and why gender equity matters. Distinguish between gender equity and gender equality, and reflect on what gender equity means to you.

Part 2: Gender Bias at Work

  • Analyze examples that illustrate the pervasiveness of gender bias and inequities at work, explore ways to close the gender pay gap, and address gender inequities in hiring, performance reviews, and career progression.

Part 3: Workplace Policies and Practices that Stymie Progress

  • Learn how organizational policies and practices can address gender inequities and understand the interplay with norms and behaviors can perpetuate biases and stereotypes that reinforce it.

Part 4: Address Gender Equity in Your Workplace

  • Take a critical look at the people you tend to sponsor on your own team. Develop strategies to lead more inclusively and build gender equity now and in the future.

Meet your instructors

Ashley Rivenbark (Course Advisor)
Senior Associate of Leading for Equity and Inclusion
Dnika Travis, PhD (Course Advisor)
Vice President, Research
Julie Nugent (Course Advisor)
Senior Vice President, Learning & Advisory Services
Dr. Terrence Underwood (Course Advisor)
Vice President of Learning Products and Programs at Catalyst

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