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Negotiation Strategies and Styles

It describes the different negotiation strategies based on expected results and their impact on the relationship between the parties involved.

Negotiation Strategies and Styles

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About this course

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The dilemma of the negotiator is a phenomenon that is derived from the tension that arises when, in the light of a specific situation, the optimum negotiation strategy must be discerned. The term was made popular by Professors David Lax and James Sebenius, of the Harvard Business School, to exemplify the dilemma between cooperating and competing in a negotiation.

In this course, we first analyze the structure of the Dual Matrix that brings forth the five negotiation strategies, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each, and the situations in which they work out best.

We study the behaviours that lead to each strategy in order to reflect about our negotiation profile, which has historically driven us to use a preferential strategy, but which is not necessarily yielding the results expected.

The participant will develop competences for strategic decision making, which will enable him to achieve the greatest benefit from a negotiation, in terms of creation of value and satisfaction between the parties involved.

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What you'll learn

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Identify negotiation styles based on the results and relationships in a negotiation.

Analyze the most effective strategic options in different negotiation contexts.

Solve complex problems that meet the interests and objectives of the parties involved.

Topic 1. Dual Strategy

1.1 Negotiation Styles

1.2 Negotiation Tactics

Topic 2. The Implementation Strategy

2.1 Negotiation Preparation

2.2 Agreement Implementation

Topic 3. The Internationalization Strategy

3.1 Cultural Diversity and Negotiation

3.2 International Negotiations

Topic 4. The Strategy of Context

4.1 Complex Negotiations

4.2 Practices in Negotiation

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