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Intaglio Printmaking | 铜版画制作

Understand the knowledge of Intaglio prints, learn to make your works.

Intaglio Printmaking | 铜版画制作

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Estimated 12 weeks
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About this course

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This course aims to popularize and promote Intaglio Printmaking art, through the hybrid teaching method of online video teaching and classroom practice, raise students' awareness of and printing aesthetic art of copper plate, in the hands-on practice to master and apply the basic principle and techniques, created their own works.

At a glance

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What you'll learn

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This course introduces the basic principles, historical origins, aesthetics and demonstrates the main techniques of Intaglio Printmaking. It will improve students' cognition of copperplate materials and printing aesthetics, master and flexibly use the principles and techniques of Intaglio in hands-on practice, and achieve a balance between techniques and artistic creation.

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