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Surgery Courses

Learn about Medical Surgery and More with Online Courses and Lessons on edX!

learn surgery

learn surgery

The Changing Landscape of Surgery

Surgical procedures are a piece of the healthcare puzzle, allowing us to diagnose, treat, and manage illnesses and injuries. In the era of the novel Coronavirus, COVID19, surgeons and the healthcare field have needed to change and upgrade how and when we do surgeries to protect patients and healthcare workers.

Surgical techniques have changed thanks to research and a growing use of artificial intelligence, robotics, and computer vision to aid human expertise. The operating room is now more than just human hands. It's a combination of our best and brightest with the advanced tools that make it possible.

Public health will continue to drive advancements in medical education and surgical technique. Whether it's expanding surgery's part in oncology or improving elective surgeries, edX can provide a foundation for your learning.

Learn about Surgery

Courses are designed and implemented in partnership with leaders in the healthcare field, giving you an in-depth look at the past and future of surgery. You'll study with students from around the world and can take part in courses for free to spark your curiosity.

edX also offers verification of satisfactory course completion for a fee so that you can share your results with potential employers or explore higher education. Start your journey into healthcare with edX and partners for a comprehensive look at the discipline.

Surgery Courses and Certifications

You could start with "So You Want to be a Surgeon?" from Hong Kong University, a course that introduces you to surgical techniques from different specialties, such as general surgery, neurosurgery, or pediatrics, and the process patients complete from preoperative status to postoperative observation. 

You can also look at different aspects of the field, including anatomy with Stanford and implant dentistry with Hong Kong University. You'll have the foundation for your study of surgery principles or be able to understand what goes into making different types of surgery safe.

In addition, you can study a wide range of healthcare-related subjects from edX and partners. Build your understanding of health risk factors, side effects, and diagnostic tools like x-rays. Understand what type of surgery works in different situations, both inpatient surgery or outpatient. Build foundational knowledge of health care administration in surgery centers or hospitals. 

Build Your Surgery Foundation

Cancer surgery transformed survival rates for breast cancer and other types. Computer vision can help surgeons see the pattern of blood vessels. Advances in surgery can reduce hospital stays, and plastic surgery is a far different practice than those early days. 

Surgery has changed, and as healthcare advances, we'll need knowledgeable and experienced people to lead the way. These classes can help ensure that you have access to the courses you need to start on your career or fulfill your interest. You could facilitate the next significant advancement going to clinical trials or discover a new standard. It's time to get started.