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Latin American Studies

Learn about Latin America with online courses from edX today!

Why Pursue Latin American Studies

Latin American studies is an academic research field focused on the region of Latin America. It's a subfield of area studies and includes an interdisciplinary combination of history, social sciences, international relations, and political science. With the advent of globalization, the study of Latin America provides an essential perspective and builds an understanding of the world.

International studies is an important part of surviving and thriving in the modern world. A Latin American studies program can introduce the area and its contributions, as well as outline the history of Spanish and Portuguese colonization.

Learn about Latin America

edX offers courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field of Latin American studies. Students learn online, and many courses are free to explore for personal growth. In addition, the platform provides access to official credit for a fee and regularly adds new courses, certificates, and even full degrees.

Students complete course requirements on their own time, building critical skills and studying with like-minded peers. This cutting-edge solution to modern education provides students with a non-traditional path for both career and personal development.

Latin America Studies Courses

To begin, learners can take Agrimonitor: Agricultural Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean courses from IDBx. This course introduces concepts in agricultural policy and development in both regions through case studies and suggested readings. Students also receive access to Agrimonitor in either English or Spanish.

Other options include Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies from Harvardx or Macroeconomic Management in Resource Rich Countries from IMFx. Both offer modules with a focus on Latin America. Students can explore and understand Latino contributions to these fields and gain critical skills for work in these industries.

Understanding the Latin American Region

From Brazil to Colombia in South America to countries in Central America, learning about upcoming and historical events helps build an understanding of how the world works. The region is a hotbed of new ideas, political moves, and ecology studies. These types of global studies create a path for students interested in world events and history.

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