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Geology Courses

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Take free online geology courses to build your skills and advance your career. Learn geology and other in-demand subjects with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX!

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What is Geology?

Geology is an Earth science that studies the physical structure, properties and internal composition of Planet Earth including rocks, minerals, physical geology, climate change, sediments, plate tectonics and more. Major sub-disciplines include economic geology, environmental geology, metamorphic rocks, natural hazards, engineering geology, structural geology, petrology and mineralogy.

Online Geology Courses and Programs

Get an introduction to earth system and geology with online courses from major universities and institutions worldwide. Learn about geologic maps, water resources, geologic structures, earth materials, sedimentary rocks, tectonic settings, the hydrologic cycle, solar systems, the geological process and more. edX offers both individual courses and advanced programs designed to help you learn about geology in an engaging and effective online learning environment complete with video tutorials, quizzes and more.

Additionally, edX offers the option to pursue verified certificates in geology courses. The environmental science certificate lists edX and the name of the university or institution offering the course and can be uploaded to your LinkedIn profile. It is proof for employers and others that you have successfully completed the course. Get started now with one of the following courses or programs.

Geoscience: the Earth and its Natural Resources is a 6-week course from TU Delft in the Netherlands that will introduce you to the Earth Sciences. Dive into the interior of the Earth and learn about mountains and sediments form as well as the basics of plate tectonics. Gain an understanding of petroleum and water geology and prepare yourself for future geological studies.

Tsinghua University offers an engineering geology course that covers the formation and evolution of the Earth. Learn the fundamentals of the Earth’s geology as well as methods for geological field investigation. This 11-week online course is available in Chinese.

Explore these and other free online geology courses. Many courses are self-paced so you can enroll and start learning today.