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Digital Content Creation Courses

Take online digital content creation courses from top universities and institutions on edX today!

What is digital content creation?

Digital content creation means content creation specifically for digital media. Businesses and organizations need an online presence, but print media content strategy won't work with internet formats.

High-quality digital content includes social media, websites, digital advertising, and other online formats for attracting an audience. Digital marketing includes graphic design, copywriting, email sequences, and video content.

Content marketing is a vital part of organizations being heard online despite the noise. Gret content builds trust and authority, so companies need content creators who know how to leverage SEO and online platforms to their advantage. 

Learn about digital content creation

The edX platform offers training in digital marketing with courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field. Students can explore target audiences, social media platforms, visual content, and the tools required to make deliverables like Adobe or Canva. Learners can explore courses for free or take advantage of accredited tracks for professional development.

For a fee, students receive lifetime access to courses and an official certificate after they complete course requirements. edX offers single courses, certificates, and full degrees. There's even a micro-degree in digital marketing degree available.

Digital marketing courses and certificates

Students can complete CurtinX's Marketing in a Digital World, a micro degree teaching the fundaments to advanced theories. Students explore marketing strategies and the types of content available in online formats.

For learners who want to start at the beginning, Edinburgh's course Digital Marketing Strategy provides foundational knowledge and theories. The course introduces the creation process of marketing campaigns, key metrics, and workflow.

CurtinX's Digital Branding and Engagement provides insight into brand awareness and creation, as well as content types that suit a brand's mission. Other options include courses on consumer behavior, marketing analytics and metrics, and social media content.

Content creation in the digital age

As companies take advantage of apps and the online space, marketers can build careers by creating content that engages a target audience in these specialized spaces. edX provides deep dives into the best practices of digital marketing. Students can learn to create great content, leverage new content types like infographics or podcasts, and explore the latest in email marketing.

edX provides a path to a thriving career as a digital marketer or training for those who need guidance for their own marketing needs. From optimization of websites to creating, promoting, and ranking a great piece of content, edX offers content creation tools and education to create quality content for organizations everywhere. Marketers will be able to create pieces that appeal and make sharing content easy.