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Ancient Egypt Courses

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learn ancient egypt

learn ancient egypt

Why is Ancient Egypt Important?

Egyptian civilization has a long and storied history of development and advancements with a rich religious and philosophical tradition. Our fascination with ancient Egyptian history is more than just the mysteries of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. Their secrets and myths offer insight into the ancient world, and the preservation of artifacts could help us unlock long lost knowledge. Egyptian civilization stretched across many ancient civilizations from the Assyrians to the Roman Empire, and its contributions to the ancient world were enormous. Egyptologists continue to unearth clues about ancient pharaohs like Menes, Narmer, Akhenaten, Thutmose, and Khufu (Cheops), as well as how people like the Hyksos contributed significantly to certain dynasties. Saqqara, Amarna, Memphis, and Thebes have been slowly revealing their secrets to us. Studying the civilization along the Nile River could give us clues to humanity's earliest, Neolithic origins.

Learn about Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian civilization was full of intrigue and advancements. The old kingdom built amazing structures, including those that harnessed the Nile and those that housed pharaohs and treasures from the ancient world. Whether you're interested in hieroglyphics or fascinated by the mysteries of Tutankhamun and Nefertiti, offers courses in partnership with leaders in ancient Egyptology research. You can study this fascinating kingdom and learn the latest developments in our knowledge.

Ancient Egypt Courses and Certifications

Harvard offers a look inside the Pyramids of Giza with their course of the same name. You'll learn how the old Kingdom pharaohs may have built their vast structures and study the art and hieroglyphics that made the area famous. The course includes a look into the Valley of the Kings and how new technology is helping us understand not only mummification but the art and clues of the area. Bibliotheca Alexandria offers a course on Ancient Egyptian Civilization, with a look into the Egyptian gods, history, culture, and important women. If you've been interested in not only the great pharaohs of Egypt like Amenhotep but also the contributions of women such as Hatshepsut, you'll be thrilled for this course. And for a comprehensive overview of how Ancient Egypt fits into a variety of world religions and traditions, the course Oriental Beliefs from UC Louvain offers an in-depth look at how these ancient traditions connected together with other parts of the ancient world.

Building Knowledge of Ancient Egypt

The history of ancient Egypt is full of mystery and insights into the ancient world. Early dynastic contributions to art and literature help us understand how this great civilization rose. Burial chambers hold artifacts that tell us how they may have lived. And the traces of ancient Nile Valley kingdoms present in modern-day Nubians offer us clues. From Ramses II to the glory of Luxor, from the predynastic periods to the middle kingdom and new kingdoms, Egypt continues to hold our interest. While upper and lower Egypt may have given way to modern incarnations, the civilization still holds the knowledge of the ancients.